Bakul Castings Private Limited

Cut Wire Shots, Steel & Carbon Steel Fibers

We are one of the prominent manufacturers of stainless steel fibers and cut wire shots. Made from best quality raw materials our products are highly durable and effective. We have the capability to offer them in customized specifications as per the requirements of the clients. We offer:

Steel Fibers

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Steel Fibers

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Concrete Steel Fibers

Carbon Steel Fibers

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Carbon Steel Fibers

Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shots

Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots

Aluminum Cut Wire Shots

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Aluminium Shots

Zinc Cut Wire Shots

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Zinc Cut Wire Shots

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Zinc Shot Balls

Copper Cut Wire Shots

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Copper Cut Wire Shots

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Copper Shots

Brass Cut Wire Shots

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Brass Cut Wire Shot

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Brass Cut Wire Shots

Cut Wire Shot for Blasting

Carbon Steel Fiber for Reinforced Concrete

Steel Fiber for Pavement Applications

New Items

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Zinc Shots